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Tone and Inflection by Enrique L. Palancar

By Enrique L. Palancar

Tone is ready melody and that means, inflection is set grammar, and this booklet is ready just a little either via learning complicated ways that the tones of a given language interact within the expression of grammatical that means. The publication contains chapters on either basic matters touching on tone and inflection in addition to case reports on lesser recognized languages of Asia, Africa, Papua New Guinea, and Mesoamerica, with a different specialize in the Oto-Manguean languages.

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Given the fact that tonal alternations are not completely independent from segmental changes in Khaling, it is necessary to opt for an approach that does not treat tones in isolation from vowel and consonants, and therefore part of the paper will provide the minimal quantity of information on segmental alternations and their origins that are necessary to make sense of the tonal alternations. First, we describe Khaling synchronic phonology, including segmental inventories, phonotactic rules and tonal contrasts.

A property of the syntactic configurations which define the P-phrases c. intonation? = not likely – who ever heard of a 1st/2nd vs. 3rd person intonation? An anonymous reviewer suggests that the 1st/2nd vs. ” The problem is that Kisseberth & Abashekh (2011) report several other grammatical morphemes and constructions that also assign a final H tone. As Kisseberth & Abasheikh crucially point out, “The default accent is penult. 1990). One of these is the common conjunction na ‘and’ which Kisseberth shows to assign final H tones phrasally, just like first and second person subjects.

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